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With licensed specialists able to undertake bat surveys in all parts of the UK, we offer a complete service from initial presence/absence surveys to obtaining a derogation licence (EPSL or LICL) where required. 

Our service ranges from simple emergence and return to roost surveys of a single building or barn conversion as part of a planning application, to designing a bespoke package of surveys required to establish an ecological baseline as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EcIA) or major development scheme.  

Services we offer include:

  • Initial inspection of buildings, trees or other structures
  • Internal inspection of buildings, climbing inspection of trees and detailed assessment of bridges and other structures
  • Dusk emergence and dawn return to roost surveys
  • Back tracking
  • Walked and driven transects
  • Activity surveys
  • Woodland and tree assessment
  • DNA analysis of droppings
  • Deployment, collection and analysis of static monitoring devices (Anabat, Anabat Express, SM2 and SM3)
  • Sound analysis and data management of large numbers of files generated by static monitoring devices
  • Mist netting, harp trap and sonic lure
  • Radio tracking studies for large infrastructure projects
  • Mitigation and licencing

Initial bat surveys can be combined with a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal to save on time and costs.

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Bat Surveys